Offline First audio recording & sentiment analysis app.

Voice of InterConnect

As sentiments are received, a live visualization updates to show average sentiments per hour.

This progressive web application demonstrates an Offline First approach to transcribing and detecting the sentiment of your voice audio.

Designed and developed in collaboration with the talented folks at Neighbourhoodie Software and IBM Cloud Data Services, we designed and developed the interaction layer of this demo to help underscore the fact that we don’t have to lose productivity and usage when we have lost connectivity.

Additional cell towers not required.

Creating an application with an Offline First approach does not require it to be native, web-based, or to even have a screen at all. It is a way of thinking and working with products with aims to create an experience that isn’t dependent on connectivity.

With the combination of locally stored data, offline syncing, and intelligent management of system states, the product value survives any condition and it's users will enjoy a lightning-fast experience in both bandwidth-rich and bandwidth-depleted environments.


Record audio, send it up for transcription, receive sentiment. All without losing any state or data when connectivity is severed.

With LTE slowing as much as 50% in the US in 2016 alone, we cannot trust that fast networks are ever truly coming. As networks continue to experience oversubscription, designing Responsive and Mobile First apps will simply not be enough anymore. The next frontier in software performance and experience design is in making products that can survive any condition.

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