The elite enterprise fitness management software suite.

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Manage, discover, and fine tune your fitness studio operation.
Manage, discover, and fine tune your fitness studio operation.

When a boutique fitness operation of about three hundred studios chooses their core booking and operations systems, the experience, dependability, and accuracy of them are paramount.

In a space largely controlled by a single dominant player, however, fitness companies have had no choice but to deal with what they had. These were the conditions that created an opportunity for Mariana to enter the market design-forward and to make good on the promise of quality enterprise boutique fitness management software.

With the help of Mariana’s deep industry experience from founding the elite spin-cycling studio Flywheel Sports, we augmented and lead their design team to help guide and evolve the product experience.

Beneath the surface, many weaving roots

With each branch of the application having tangential impact on another, designing for studio customers required being aware of the impact on the service experience of the front desk staff, and being sensitive to the impact on the trust and understanding of reporting data by the various corporate roles.

The design team built a durable design system that was centered around providing contextual awareness on the stretching impact of each user's actions. Prototyping, user testing, and interdisciplinary collaboration were at the heart of what made this project a success.

A complete end-to-end software experience

The attention paid to end-customer experience – that is the customers of the fitness studios – is one of the largest driving forces behind the structures and features built for the fitness company managing it. Their ability to bring back customers is the lifeblood of their business, after all.

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Mobile application provided booking, buying, and keeping up with ones fitness schedule.

With a mobile app and responsive booking experience on their web site, fitness studios are now able to more easily provide the service they do best and to stop worrying so much about their technical infrastructure.

We were warmed to be asked to provide both advisory and tangible design direction on this project, and are excited to see where Mariana Tek goes next.

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