Democratizing career advice.


A vibrant community of students asking for career advice and professionals providing guidance.
A vibrant community of students asking for career advice and professionals providing guidance.

CareerVillage is a non-profit based out of San Francisco, California that is using crowdsourcing as a method to provide college and career advice to help young people discover and prepare for their futures.

The kind of diverse and impactful career advise young people need just isn’t readily available for all of them. Instead, many don’t receive any guidance at all or end up missing out on discovering pathways that could better fit their ambitions or expressions.


Questions range widely from asking about college helpfulness to requests for specific professional advice.

CareerVillage makes democratized career advise easily accessible to everyone, and being effective in their mission means making positive impact on the kinds of early choices that can improve one's quality of life and satisfaction in their work.

Increasing the likelihood of being in the right place at the right time.

One of the many objectives in our partnership with CareerVillage is to increase user engagement, which for us means that students on average return more often to ask new questions - not because they’re more confused than ever before, mind you - and that the value of the advice they’ve receive begins to have tangible positive impact on their career preparedness.

For the professionals volunteering their time to guide these students, improved engagement takes the form in their return to help those same students they’ve helped (and others) as the student’s career ambitions continue to change shape.

For communities like CareerVillage, changing something for one user group can, as represented by their actions, ripple into the experience of others. An example could be the results of our ongoing effort to improve the foundations of student questions, which create better footing for professionals to provide more valuable advice for the individual asking.

As a lean team, collaboration on the construction and evolution of a resilient design system and process is important for us to achieve the aforementioned objectives. Such a system needs to be reflective of social dynamics between different groups, the unique needs of the company (today and tomorrow), and of course the wide variety of different circumstances in which a user may interact with the software.

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