Voice of InterConnect

Offline First audio recording & sentiment analysis app.

As sentiment is received, a live visualization updates to show average sentiment per hour.
As sentiment is received, a live visualization updates to show average sentiment per hour.

Connectivity and access to external resources is something the tech industry has traditionally treated as being a fundamental requirement. You had to have both for anything to work, and almost all of the software we still interact with today was built on this assumption. So, what happens when your server goes down? What about when there is no internet?

As you might have guessed, the goalposts have moved and not only can software be designed to work with fluctuating connectivity, they can now actually survive indefinite loss of connection to any outside resource. The result of this creates an “always on” end user experience with minimal-to-no application downtime, greatly reducing risk of lost productivity. Modern software that is capable of thriving in such conditions are created using an approach called “Offline First”.

As a demonstration of how an Offline First application can enable end user productivity with inconsistent connectivity to external services, we created the Voice of InterConnect.

Designed and developed in collaboration with the incredibly talented folks at Neighbourhoodie Software and IBM Cloud Data Services, we created this demo to help underscore the fact that we don’t have to lose productivity and usage when we've lost connectivity.

Offline First

Creating an application with an Offline First approach does not require it to be native, web-based, or to even have a screen at all. It is a way of thinking and working with products with aims to create an end experience that isn’t dependent on connectivity.

With the combination of locally stored data, syncing, and intelligent management of system states, the product value survives any condition and it's users will enjoy a lightning-fast experience in both bandwidth-rich and bandwidth-depleted environments.


Visit voiceofinterconnect.com to use the interface above to record responses to the app.

If you want to tinker, check out the source code - it is all open source.

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