Democratizing career advice.

A reworked version of CareerVillage's question pages
A reworked version of CareerVillage's question pages

CareerVillage is a non-profit based out of San Francisco, California that is using crowdsourcing as a method to provide college and career advice to help young people discover and prepare for their futures.

The kind of diverse and impactful career advise young people need just isn’t readily available for all of them. Instead, many don’t receive any guidance at all or end up missing out on discovering pathways that could better fit their ambitions or expressions.

CareerVillage makes democratized career advise easily accessible to everyone. Being effective in their mission means making positive impact on the kinds of early choices that can improve one's quality of life and satisfaction in their work.


Example questions feed that students filter through for answers.

In our ongoing relationship with CareerVillage, we're seeking to to improve engagement, build value, and to advance their design systems. As an open-design project, we’ll be sharing our thinking and progress along the way and want to hear from you as you see and experience our work product. We’re even live streaming some of the UI design work every Friday on Twitch. Follow us there to see it in action.

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